Why Brand a Search Engine?

According to Nielsen NetRatings (www.nielsen.com) the authority source for delivering comprehensive measurement and analysis of online audiences, the most popular activity online is Search, part of 85.9% of the 270 million internet users in North America and 2 billion people online worldwide daily internet behavior. This is a staggering fact and up until now major search engines have enjoyed a monopolistic position for users search. But, when we consider from the user’s perspective the actual search experience offered by these large search engines for such a regular activity, it is very impersonal, uniform, generic, controlled, and bland, a “One Size Fits All” experience.

But the fact is, all web users online are individuals, having different interests, preferences, perspectives, passion points and brand loyalties. As such, it would be far more appealing if we each had a choice about the type of search experience we want to have. In the same way we have a choice for other regular activities such as the music we want to listen to, the TV channels we want to see, the food that we eat, etc.

Search Experiences Segmentation

This is where Search Experiences is revolutionizing the way we search. Our approach is simple, we treat the Internet just like a big pizza, and we cut it up into smaller “slice” target segments. Gone are the days of the “One Size Fits All” and what is left is relevant content for your consumer, the person that you want to target.

Search Experiences offers an exciting, innovative service creating custom branded search engines to match any target market user’s interests and brand loyalty to deliver an immersive branding and engagement experience for users. Whether it is a corporate brand, sports team, university, music artist, celebrity, charity, TV series, newspaper, radio station, etc. Whatever the target market (e.g. fans, students, readers, listeners, employees, members, customers etc.) we can create a search experience shaped and themed for their needs which they will value and use regularly.

This benefits internet users and gives them a new choice in search they never had before, a tailored search experience designed specifically to their interests. While they still get the usual relevant search results they expect from the large mass market search engines, in addition the search experience includes interesting content they want to see while they search. For instance, rather than annoying, unwanted sponsored links (SPAM) on the right of search results where advertisers scramble to compete for search terms, searchexperiences on the other hand uses this highly visible space for custom content the user would prefer to see and more interested in, such as news headlines, videos, images, social network feeds, anything depending on our client needs.

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