About Search Experiences

Who We Are
Headquartered in the heart of New York City’s Time Square, Search Experiences is pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the integrated media space being the first company to develop a new generation of Branded Search Engines built on Web 3.0 technology.Search Experiences mission is to remain the World Leader in Branded Search Solutions and create a new paradigm shift in search behavior.
What We Do

Search Experiences has brought together a consortium of strategic partners from the leading search content providers online and created an innovative service…Branded Search Engine Solutions for large brands.Simply put, we are changing the way the world searches the web.We offer a new form of media that is both powerful and affordable, with endless perks from daily brand awareness to access to the purest forms in consumer engagement.

Search Experiences Branded Search Solution is versatile and suitable for clients in many industries providing there is a large enough user base for the solution depending on the client (e.g. fans, students, donors, volunteers, readers, listeners, employees, members, customers etc.).

The following industries can benefit greatly from Branded Search;

  • Corporate Brands
  • Sports Teams/Associations
  • Collegiate Sports Teams
  • Motorsports Racing Teams
  • Charities/Non-Profits
  • Music Artists/Labels
  • Film Studios
  • TV Series/Channels
  • Radio Stations
  • Tourism Orgs./Destinations
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Politicians/Political Parties
  • Universities/Colleges/Schools
  • Celebrities
  • High Traffic Websites
Now you can align your brand with the most popular activity online…SEARCH!
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