Branded Search Engine Features

Search Experiences Branded Search Engine Package includes the following Features.

Custom Branded Search Engine

A state-of-the-art Custom Branded Search Engine integrating highly interactive content and features built on Search Experiences proprietary search platform, delivering an immersive branding and engagement experience for users. The search engine is owned and managed by Search Experiences and licensed on an ongoing service basis. Brand Partners have custom content and advertising exclusivity on all search engine result pages.

Branded Search Engine Homepage

Branded Search Result Page

Mobile and Tablet PC Compatible

Viral Marketing Tools
Viral Marketing Tools
Effective viral marketing tools, included in the branded search engine package will be created in addition to the Custom Branded Search Engine allowing users alternative ways they can interact with the solution. The custom designed viral marketing tools include;

Web Browser Toolbar – once installed will remain on a user’s Web Browser whenever they are online.


Web Search Widgets – can be seamlessly integrated into any website layout, allowing visitors to enjoy the same search results you would find if using the Search Engine direct.

Web Widgets

Web Banners – can be embedded simply on any website (copy and paste).


Design and Development Support
Design and Development Support
Search Experiences web development team will work closely with Brand Partners throughout the design and development of the Custom Branded Search Engine, making design revisions as required until you are 100% satisfied prior to going live.
Site Management, Hosting and Bandwidth
Site Management, Hosting and Bandwidth
The Custom Branded Search Engine is hosted and managed by Search Experiences at our data center. Server administrators will monitor and manage traffic 24/7 and provide as much bandwidth as needed to support you search engine traffic.
Personal Account Manager
Personal Account Manager
A personal account manager will be assigned to offer any assistance for any updates or requests.

An affordable secret weapon in brand dominance online!
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