Online Awareness and Viral Marketing

Online Awareness for Search Experiences Branded Search Solutions is virally spread through word of mouth. As our solution is not mass market but segmented specifically to your target audience, then using your existing communication channel is the best way to inform them.

Some effective viral marketing activities include;

Social Media Messages –
Utilize the positive social sentiment of your loyal
followers who have an affinity with your brand to your advantage.

Social Media Messages

Messages and tweets can be used to generate instant awareness of the branded search engine and viral tools, reaching your target audience direct and instantly.

Social Sentiment Utilization

Giving these loyal followers in social media a Search Experiences Branded Search Engine as an extension to your official site will enable you to effectively drive and retain more traffic, while creating new revenue opportunities.

Website Article – An article at your website announcing the launch of your branded search engine going live is another viral marketing activity to give awareness of the solution.Email

E-mail Newsletter Announcement – An announcement in your monthly e-mail newsletter to your subscribers is another way you can give awareness to your new branded search engine.

Adding Viral Marketing Tools to Your Website – generates awareness for the branded search engine when your visitors browse your website. The web search widgets and web banners can be embedded and the browser toolbar can be offered as a free download.

Adding Viral Marketing Tools to Your Website

Currently when your site visitors exit your site they will next visit a search engine and no longer view your communications anymore. By embedding a web search widget into your site we can retain this lost traffic because whenever a visitor performs a web search using your web search widget and they exit your site your brand will follow them when your Branded Search Results appear, effectively extending the time your visitors are engaging your brand.

Extended Brand Engagement

Web Promotion and Traffic Building
Web Promotion and Traffic BuildingSearch Experiences also offers an optional web promotion and traffic building add-on package to assist actively promoting the new Custom Branded Search Engine after launch to increase public awareness and generate targeted traffic. The following are selected features of this package; Press Release Creation and Distribution, Article Creation and Distribution Online, Manual Directory Submission to thousands of SEO-friendly web directories, Hundreds of Social Bookmarking Submissions, etc.
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