The Search Experiences Difference

Below are some unique factors about the technology behind Search Experiences Branded Search Engines to give a competitive advantage ahead of the rest;

Best of the Web Content
CYOSE TechnologySearch Experiences has an exclusive license to integrate the CYOSE Mini platform ( to power search results. Rather than restricting search results to just one provider the CYOSE Mini platform combines the leading search providers into one solution giving an unbiased search experience. Users have peace of mind they are getting the same highly relevant, organic search results however instead of the usual unwanted, unsolicited sponsored links on the side of results they have interesting branded content to match their interests.The CYOSE Mini platform allows users to customize search results to their personal preferences. For instance, a user may like Bing Mini Web Results, Google Mini Map Results, YouTube Mini Video Results, eBay Mini Shopping Results and Wikipedia Mini Reference Results, which is very personal and they have never had such a choice in any search engine like this before. Additionally, switching between search content providers is simple and effortless using searchexperiences proprietary search bar, saving time and frustration.

Search Experiences Search Bar

Cutting-Edge Web 3.0 Technology
Technology is evolving at an incredible pace. To stay ahead of the pack, Search Experiences branded search solutions are built using cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, XHTML Mobile, to name a few.

Web 3.0

Multi-Browser Compatibility
Multi-Browser CompatibilitySearch Experiences branded search solutions are multi-browser compatible allowing no limitations to ability to access the solution. The following are a selection of internet browsers supported; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.
Mobile and Tablet PC Friendly
Mobile FriendlySearch Experiences branded search solutions are available at the fingertips wherever your loyal users roam, from their mobile device or tablet PC (without the need to download any application either). The following are a some of the Mobile & Tablet PC devices supported; iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, iPad, Playbook, Galaxy etc.


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