Authorized Partner Opportunity

Search Experiences is seeking strategic media agencies and marketing professionals worldwide to become Authorized Partners to enable them to offer our unique Branded Search Solution exclusively to their existing relationships as we roll out our solution internationally.
Search Experiences Authorized Partnership Seals

Search Experiences Branded Search Solution is versatile and suitable for clients in many industries. To learn more about searchexperiences Branded Search Solution you can view our slideshow presentation below.
We are particularly seeking partners who have a strong background and experience in any of the following industries;

  • Corporate Brands
  • Sports Teams/Associations
  • Collegiate Sports Teams
  • Motorsports Racing Teams
  • Charities/NGO’s/Non-Profits
  • Music Artists/Labels
  • Film Studios
  • TV Series/Channels/Networks
  • Radio Stations
  • Tourism Orgs./Destinations
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Politicians/Political Parties
  • Universities/Colleges/Schools
  • Celebrities
  • High Traffic Websites

Partner Benefits

The following are partial benefits of becoming a Search Experiences Authorized Partner.

  • Unique Solution
  • World Leading Company
  • Strong Value Proposition
  • Industry Versatility
  • Lucrative Partner Earnings
  • Residual Recurring Earnings
  • Referral Earnings
  • Solution Pricing Flexibility
  • Relationship-Based Exclusivity
  • Comprehensive Welcome Kit
  • Training and Support
  • No Minimum Sales Quota

Partnership Levels

The Search Experiences Authorized Partner Opportunity has been designed around the needs and requirements of our valued partners, focused on the basic need to drive revenue. Search Experiences offers 4 different Partnership Levels; designed to support your business as it grows, from Bronze Level ideal for new Partners starting out to Platinum our most popular Partnership Level. The table below is an overview of the Features and Partner Earnings for each Partnership Level.

Search Experiences Partnership Levels

Partner Suitability

The following skill sets and characteristics are indicators for being a suitable Authorized Partner.Partner Suitability

  • Pre-existing relationships with lead decision makers.
  • Background in sales, marketing or business development.
  • Ability to identify prospective client decision makers.
  • Skills in appointment setting and face to face meeting presentations.
  • Enterprise sales experience, seasoned closer.

Partner Testimonials

partner testimonialsWith a network of Authorized Partners representing Search Experiences in over 20 countries, Search Experiences values the on-going relationship we have with them and take great pride in their success.See what our partners have said about working with us.

Search Experiences Branded Search Solution is a “no brainer” when it comes to engaging a businesses customers on a regular if not daily basis. Search is a cluttered space and competition for keywords is as fierce as ever. Search Experiences takes search campaigns to a new level. Branded search represents as an effective extension to a website which harmonizes with social media communications to engage a target audience when they are not specifically searching for or visiting your website. If you are seeking a solid opportunity and an innovative solution to add to your suite of services that differentiate you from the rest then Search Experiences Partner Opportunity is highly recommended. C. Anderson, New York, United States

Search Experiences has always been on the cutting-edge of technology. The custom creative design Search Experiences prepared for each of my prospects was high quality and delivered with fast turnaround. The training provided and continued support from the Partner Relationship Manager was a great resource in my prospecting activities. Search Experiences gives us all of the tools we need to do our job with confidence. M. Bosco, Turin, Italy

As a Search Experiences partner I am able to introduce myself and my company into very exclusive new markets with a standout product. Moving into the world of professional sports and noteworthy corporations, the Search Experiences themes and presentation ar e engaging and create a strong foundation for great business relationships. Even when looked at in the harsh light of competitive situations, the quality and sophistication of the offering is second to none. I would encourage anyone seeking a “best in class” offering to become affiliated with Search Experiences company. M. Weiser, Toronto, Canada

As a startup company, our partnering with Search Experiences has been tremendously decisive. In fact, it has definitely helped us capture leadership in local market, optimize our brand awareness and our ROI in a very short post-launch period of time. U. Emane, Libreville, Gabon

Joining as a Search Experiences Partner is a great opportunity to develop new business with an innovative and creative solution online which uses Web 3.0 technology and in the world of the Search Engine business. As a partner of Search Experiences I am learning, enjoying the training, and provided with materials and support from the company, with designs, presentations, rate cards, for each of my prospects. A. Torres, Madrid, Spain

I have had the chance to work with Search Experiences as an Authorized Partner in Greece since the launch of this unique solution. I would to like to say how impressed I am with the work of the Search Experiences team and the branded solution itself. The custom creative design for each of my prospects is high quality and the team made the process effortless; with the end result exceeding customers’ expectations! This innovative solution opens new doors to search campaigns and it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to be ahead of its competition. D. Tsonopoulos, Athens, Greece

Will You Join Us?

Acceptance to the Search Experiences Authorized Partner Opportunity is limited. If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Partner click on the button below to apply now.

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