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This privacy policy governs your use of any Search Experiences software application (“Application”) including but not limited to mobile apps, browser toolbars, desktop gadgets and web widgets. The Application includes various features and content that are offered and delivered to you by third parties, such as: news, messages, games, and more as well as features and content that you may choose to add.

Search Experiences is committed to protecting your privacy and safety rights while using the Application. Search Experiences does not collect any personal identifiable information from you other than as described in this policy and enforces strict privacy policies. This policy only governs Search Experiences collection and use of your Information and Search Experiences requires third parties that may provide you with content as part of the Application and/or content that may be reached by use of the Application, to protect your privacy rights and maintain the following privacy practices:

No Spyware Policy – the Application does NOT collect or transmit Personally Identifiable Information and does not monitor your personal use of the Application. “Personally Identifiable Information” means information that would identify you personally (for example: your login credentials to a third party website, information about content you use on the web, etc.).

The Application sends unidentifiable and non-personal statistical data to enable quality assurance, improve the quality of the services and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external customers. Such non-personal data includes unidentifiable and general usage of the Application (for example statistical usage data can be sent if you open or close the Application), but does not include Personally Identifiable Information, other than as specifically described herein. You may choose not to send such statistical data at any time from the Application Options dialog box.As part of the functionality available on your Application, Search Experiences may offer you search features provided by Search Experiences and/or Third Parties. Search Experiences does not collect personally identifiable information related to search.

Third Party Features and Content – You may choose to add features or content to the Application. These features or content may be in the form of apps, buttons, gadgets and others. In the event that these features or content may require the collection of your Personally Identifiable Information the third party providing the features or content must present to you a clear disclosure of the information that will be collected and you should have the opportunity to decide whether or not to share such information or alternatively not use or remove the features or content. Search Experiences encourages you to read the terms of service and privacy policies offered by third parties prior to using any of their features or content. Should you suspect that a third party is not respecting your privacy rights in their collection of information, please contact Search Experiences at privacy@searchexperiences.com.

You may also choose to activate additional features that provide you with the ability to update and use your favorite social networks directly from the Application.

During such activation you will be asked to grant the Search Experiences permission to compile certain information from such social network systems. This information may include friends or contacts lists, notes and updates and photos, and may be used by the Search Experiences to help you personalize your Application, suggest new features and content that may be relevant to you or provide the Search Experiences with data for statistical purposes. If you elect to permit the Search Experiences to access this information, Search Experiences will be able to see and use this information and thus you may be changing your pre-existing privacy settings, however Search Experiences does not have control over privacy settings in your social network account. Please see your social network provider policies for any questions or concerns. The information will be protected by the Search Experiences in accordance with its strict privacy policies. We urge you to read these policies in their entirety, but it is important to note that the Search Experiences does not sell or rent any Personal Identifiable Information it compiles to any third parties. Search Experiences may provide non-identifiable, general statistical and demographic information to third parties from time to time. You may opt not to grant Search Experiences access to your social network account(s) at any time by changing your social network settings or by not authorizing Search Experiences access.

No Adware Policy – You will not be required to view obtrusive ads in order to use the application.

Unobtrusive – the Application does not enable other software applications to access data stored on your computer’s hard drive or in your personal online accounts. Changing your web search preferences, modifying web pages that you visit or accepting third party offers is not required in order to use the Application. You may voluntarily opt to change your search preferences (if applicable), add components or accept notifications, offers or other features from your Publisher or other third parties. Please note that while visiting a website, third parties, can detect whether or not an Application is installed in your browser.

Easy uninstall – you can easily uninstall the Application or any feature or content that is embedded on it at any time. To uninstall any feature or content simply go to the Application Options dialog box, and to uninstall the Application just use the standard uninstall processes that are available as part of your operating system, your internet browser or similar software uninstall options (for example: add/remove programs in Windows, Add-on removal in Firefox, etc.).

Easy deactivation – you can easily deactivate your Application at any time by using the standard deactivation features available in your internet browser (for example: by clicking the “View” menu in your browser selecting the name of the Application and then clicking on it).

Full control – you have full control over the Application and can modify your preferences at any time (including the components and features you have added to the Application), from the Options dialog box of the Application.

Report – The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you have a reason to believe that your rights have been infringed upon while using the Application, please contact Search Experiences via email at privacy@searchexperiences.com. Once your email is received, Search Experiences will review it to ensure that the privacy practices provided herein are enforced.

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